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Yoga is about refining our perception; and perception is the key to taking

full advantage of life. -Rod Stryker-


• Tantra yoga
• Sutras
• Bhagavad Gita
• Koshas
• Gods and Goddesses
• Ayurveda History, Theory, Practice with Kendall Inman • The mind
• Purusha and Prakriti 

Yoga Teacher Training w/ Ellen de Jonge &

Alan Montaño

300Hr Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga is ultimately a journey of Self-discovery. The science of Yoga is uniquely designed to pave the pathway to the inner world and give us the tools for Self- knowing and Self-realization. 

The training is designed to take your practice and your teaching to the next level and study the science of yoga in a more advanced way. 


It is a 300 hour Teacher Training and at the end (if you complete the hours) you will receive a certification. With this certification you can become a registered Yoga teacher 300 Hr. with the Yoga Alliance in the States. This training is registered by the Yoga Alliance and the program is based on the Yoga Alliance guidelines for a 300 hour Teacher Training. 

The first week will be a refreshing week; we will look over the most important parts of level 1 200 Hr. training. 

In the 300 hr. teacher training we will cover the topics; 




• Asanas
• Pranayama
• Vinyasa Krama • Sequencing
• Meditation
• Vayus
• Sanskrit
• Mudra
• Yoga Nidra
• Mantras 


• How to teach more efficient
• Observing of classes and your fellow students • Qualities of a teacher
• Business aspects of a yoga teacher 


• Practice teaching what you study in this training. • Receiving and giving feedback
• Assisting 

• Chakras and Nadis
• Mechanics of breathing • Joint mobility  

• Ranges of motion
• Biomechanics of the asanas
• Elasticity and flexibility
• Anatomy of the flexions, extensions and twisting of the spine. 

This is it in a nutshell...

The price is 2.850 US. (Can also be paid in Pesos) This can be paid in parts, we like to receive a 400 US deposit before the training starts to secure your spot. This can be done through PayPal or in person. The rest of the costs can be paid during the 2 months of the course. Included in the price are all your group classes, the weekend bigger sessions and the material we are going to work with. PayPal is or bank account BANAMEX 5204 164957334391 Alan Montaño Torres 


The schedule 


*Theory will be given on weekends.

What do you need to bring?


Yourself and your love for Yoga, to study, share and practice. Your own Yoga mat, towel and for the theory of the training you need a notebook and some coloring pencils. 

Namaste, Alan and Ellen 

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Anybody can breathe. Therefore anybody can practice yoga.

-T.K.V. Desikachar-

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