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Feeling like a supermodel

Working on my first personal website, of course there is need for some great and beautiful pictures on the site. So I decided to work with Kat Caroll, next to an excellent yogi and yoga teacher she is a professional photographer as well. So that was not a difficult choice.

There have been some pictures taken of me before but never in such a professional way, 6 AM in the morning (because of the light) I was ready to go.

I was already up around 4:45 AM to make myself presentable in my own way, washing hair, putting on some make up. It felt like I was getting ready for a night out of town.

We picked a beautiful spot in Playa, by the beach on a dock and before we came to the right spot there was some water and climbing involved. But you know what they say; it is not an easy job to be a model.

And before I knew it I was in all kinds of poses with all kinds of different out fits, faces, smiles, mysterious till “I know it all” expressions. At least it felt that way. Holding eagle arms for such a long time that there was muscle pain for 3 days later in my shoulders. Looking in the sun till my eyes water. Feeling the sun started to burn. But I loved every minute of it and was impressed by the work of Kat and her lovely assistant Lisa.

Malas, teacups, shawls and lots of white where my things to work with. And I worked it!! Tired after 3 hours being the center of her camera but feeling super special. A special Yogi.

Thanks Kat Caroll.

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